About WorkWithPlus
Since our team has been working with GeneXus for more than 15 years, we have been able to create the market's leading tool.
Our history
WorkWithPlus is your ideal partner to boost your GeneXus experience. We are a team of experts that works daily with the sole purpose of creating amazing and innovative features, so that your development is faster, more efficient and with an incredible design.
WorkWithPlus is currently a DVelop spin-off that is 100% product-centered. It is headquartered in Uruguay and has over twenty business representatives worldwide, as well as clients in forty countries.
DVelop was founded in 2008 by four Computer Systems Engineers -Paula Gallotti, Ignacio Fonseca, Joaquín Alvarez and Agustín Napoleone- seeking to offer consultancy and software development services. Having previously worked at Artech (the founding company of GeneXus), two of the founders decided to apply their experience in the areas of Patterns & Practices to create WorkWithPlus, in search for the possibility of allowing greater productivity to the GeneXus community.
As the years went by and users worldwide adopted WorkWithPlus making it the community's leader, our team grew and released new products that are part of our current Suite. Initially for Native Mobile, then for Audit and for Business Intelligence, and most recently for Video Conferences.
Our mission
To enhance GeneXus experience through the development and evolution of a wide range of products that maximize the user's community capabilities.
Our vision
Simplify software development by combining efforts with GeneXus to become world leaders in the Low Code development platforms category.
What makes us different?
Management Team
Our values
We always imagine further and better ways to help clients by offering them a "Plus".
We are confident that our products are the best way to work with GeneXus and we are fully passionate in conveying that confidence.
We seek to offer a Suite with high quality standards in building processes as well as in customer services.
We work to win our users' hearts.