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Generate traceability and monitor your application data
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At present, we are able to build sophisticated software applications involving a significant volume of data. The due management of data has become essential, for we capture sensitive information relative to our corporation and our clients.
We created WorkWithPlus for Audit with the idea of adding audit to the database of a GeneXus KB, to increase the security of applications. You can keep record of who adds, modifies or deletes information from the app or from the database, and then query those logs in an easy and interactive way.
Increase your security
WorkWithPlus for Audit creates “inspectors” in the Database to monitor what the programmer has indicated. Reports are generated to view what occurs and to generate alerts.
Save time and effort
WorkWithPlus for Audit automates the creation of triggers, and its further evolution in the case of changing transactions in the KB, thus saving numerous hours and avoiding human errors.
Keep Traceability
In addition to the information stored, all previous records will also be saved. This allows for further queries on data history in order to make decisions based on it.
WorkWithPlus for Audit suggests a very simple working methodology.
Definition of transactions, attributes and modes
Customize your auditing settings
Analyse and explore your audited data
Automates the creation of triggers and generates an audit that stores history data regardless of whether changes were made from the app or from the database.
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It automatically creates a web module that enables us a view of the audit records, and the possibility for the user to build reports for decision-making.
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WorkWithPlus for Audit enables you to work directly from the development environment of GeneXus (IDE), making your audits configuration something very easy and intuitive.
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Fast learning
In just a few hours, a GeneXus consultant can learn to use the tool and benefit from its maximum power.
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The most popular databases
WorkWithPlus for Audit works with the market's main databases, including MySql, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
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