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Omni-channel video conference made simple
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Digital transformation calls for companies to offer more and better apps for interacting with clients. However, the need to preserve personal bonds remains as important as process automation.
While GeneXus consultants develop efficient systems, we provide the tools for embedding video conference capacity in their KB. This enables end users to communicate with their companies as they record all the data from that interaction in their systems.
Easy integration
Installing the product, as well as setting it up and integrating it in your KB is quite simple. In just a few hours you will have the video-conference capabilities available in your system.
You can have so many communications in simultaneously as you want, without worryingnfor the infrastructure needed to support this demand.
The product is reliable for communications with an Up Time of over 99%, which guarantees quality communications.
The product is very simple to use and to be integrated with your KBs
Installing the product
SINCH configuration
We adapt the KB with the video-conference
This tools enables the possibility of having N simultaneous communications -voice only or video&voice.
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Calls may be recorded and videos and audios from both ends stored, locally and on a server.
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Communications may take place from mobile devices (Android and iOS) and from web platforms (using the market's main navigators).
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SaaS Platform
We integrate SINCH, a SaaS communication platform. This technology allows the solution of security, reliability and scalability issues.
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for VideoCall
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